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Before I Was a Mom...

Posted by John Thornes on March 22, 2010 at 4:55 PM

Before I was a mom...



I never thought about anyone as much asmyself. Now, thinking about myself is a rare occurrence. There aremoments when I get a break I wonder how many new gray hairs I have. Iwonder if I've acquired any new wrinkles. I question how deep thebags under my eyes are. But, as far as my wants are concerned, I havenone aside from the health, happiness, and well being of my child.



Before I was a mom...



Life didn't speed up so rapidly. Ididn't do it too often, but I did have time to stop and smell theroses. Now, as soon as a birthday ends, and the holidays are overit's time to go to bed and do it all over. I use to look forward togetting presents, having birthday parties, and eating all kinds offood. Now I am wrapping the presents, throwing the parties, andpreparing the food.



Before I was a mom...



I enjoyed lounging around, playinggames and watching TV. Now the television is my best friend somedays, and worst enemy others. When housework needs to be done, andthe significant other is not home, the television becomes mybaby-sitter for an hour (sounds awful, I know). Other days, I amconstantly threatening to turn off the television and take away videogames if (homework, chores, eating etc..,) doesn't get done.



Before I was a mom...



I never thought about how my actionsaffected my parents. I did what every child does: cried, screamed,lied, begged, and was defiant. Now, as my child is getting older, heis doing the same things. The curse that was place on me has hit fullforce: (“ I hope one day you have a child that does the samething(s) you're doing now). If only I knew!!!



Before I was a mom...



I complained about my life all thetime. Nothing was fair, and I do mean nothing. I wanted to do what Iwanted when I wanted, and I wasn't allowed to. I thought I was grownat the age of 12, and darnit, I wanted to be treated like it. Iwanted a raise in my allowance, or I wasn't doing my chores. Now, Iam fighting tooth and nail to get him to clean his room, to hang uphis coat, stop running in the house. I make empty threats, and I hearmy mother's voice in my head. The entire time, I can't help butthink, “how did she get so smart?!?”





Before I was a mom...



I never had enough clothes, shoes,purses, cd's, etc... Money didn't grow on trees, but it did come fromsomeones wallet, and my hand was always held out. Now, I count myblessings daily. Each of those 10 fingers, and each of those 10 toes.The beautiful eyes, and button nose. That gorgeous smile, and everylittle freckle. They are all I need to know I am the richest personever. And one day, when he is grown, I will be in the same positionas my mother, wanting to give him the world, but knowing he has toearn it like everyone else.




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